Kitchen Island


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Is the Kitchen Island for you?

Our Grillstream Deluxe 4 Burner Island Hybrid BBQ comes with our patented Grillstream system, a unique dual grill that captures fat, prevents flare-ups, resulting in healthier food and more flavour. All Grillstream barbecues now include our revolutionary hybrid system, the convenience of gas with the option for charcoal in one barbecue.

  • Hybrid cooking system
  • gas and charcoal in one BBQ
  • glass viewing hood with built-in thermometer
  • gastro system
  • independent jet flame ignition
  • steak shelf ceramic side Burner
  • battery operated rotisserie
  • chopping board and ice bucket
  • pull-out prep table
  • gas bottle storage
  • bottle opener
  • removeable fat cup for easy cleaning.
  • Cooking area and heat output: Grill 70cm x 42cm / circular gastro griddle d30.5cm / heat output 17.5kW