2 People

Cube 160 Sauna


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Is the Cube 160 Sauna for you?

Our cube saunas are very popular due to their unique shape. With the huge glass panel window, you can enjoy stargazing the night sky, watching the sunset or rise or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s the perfect getaway for me time or to relax with friends and family. Due to the heat and humidity generated within the sauna they are very effective and provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience. The high heat and humidity levels can help to increase circulation, relax muscles, and remove toxins from the body through sweat. In addition, the heat and humidity may also have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, helping to clear the sinuses and alleviate congestion. Overall, a cube sauna may be effective for promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and providing a number of other health benefits.

• 160 x 235 x 225cm
• 2 person sauna
• 40mm thermo spruce frame
• Full glass front panel
• 2 or 3 foundation beams
• 2 x metal frame bands
• 2 x sauna room aspen benches
• Thermo aspen flooring duckboard
• Sauna ventilation valve
• Sauna door, 8mm tempered glass
• 1/2 panoramic window
• 2 x LED lights with switch
• Roof shingle