1 Person
750 × 1790 × 755 mm
95 kg
13 AMP

Chill Tub Lite


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Is the Chill Tub Lite for you?

Designed for comfort, with its sleek design it will look stylish indoors or outdoors. Start your ice bath recovery experience with the Chill Tubs Lite.

Set the temperature as low as 3 degrees. No ice required. Insulated cover provided free of charge.

If you are new to cold water therapy the Chill Tubs Lite is for you.

Power Supply: 13 AMP

Materials:  Roto Mould

Dry Weight: 85Kg

Water Capacity: 400L

Temp: Lowest of 3 degrees

Draining: Hose Pipe Connection

Antifreeze function preventing the formation of ice or frost.