6 People

Barrel 250 Sauna



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Is the Barrel 250 Sauna for you?

Enjoy the highest level of comfort hand in hand with a compact design.

Experience a traditional barrel sauna experience where between your sauna rounds you enjoy a drink in your barrel sauna terrace with two exterior benches. Create your own spa sanctuary.

Why is a Barrel Sauna so effective?

A barrel sauna is effective due to a number of factors including:

Heats quickly

With less unused space (imagine a circle inside a square), the barrel design lets the heater do its job faster and more efficiently.

Distributes heat

In a square sauna, the heat gets trapped at the ceiling. In a barrel sauna, the heat is pushed back down the curved sides and into the sauna as new heat rises from the heater.

Saves energy

Because there is less unused airspace to heat, less energy is required to heat the room. The thick staves are excellent insulators, and the exterior of the sauna will remain cool to the touch.

Accommodates temperature flux

The ball-and-socket assembly of a barrel sauna lets the wood expand and contract within the steel bands, creating a tight seal that won’t shatter.

Structurally sound

Built with solid wood staves, the structural integrity of a barrel sauna withstands even the harshest outdoor environment. The notched staves create a tight, secure fit that will last a lifetime without the excessive use of fasteners.

Remarkably comfortable

Sit opposite another sauna bather with your back nicely cradled in the curvature of the sauna wall with enough room for your neck to remain straight.

Requires no maintenance

Barrel saunas naturally shed water and, due to their structural integrity, can handle a substantial snow load. The polymer support cradles let you put the barrel on any flat surface, and the Thermo wood is naturally resistant to water and insects.

Beautiful feature

Specifically designed for outdoor use, a barrel sauna is a beautiful backdrop in your landscaping.


• 250 x 240 x 225cm
• 6 person sauna
• 40mm thermo spruce frame
• 2 x terrace benches 50cm wide
• 3 foundation beams
• 2 x metal frame bands
• 2 x sauna room aspen benches
• Thermo aspen flooring duckboard
• Sauna ventilation valve
• 1/2 panoramic window
• 2 x LED lights with switch
• Roof shingles