Air Source Heatpumps



Is the Air Source Heatpumps for you?

An air source heat pump can be up to 75% more energy efficient than standard heating options. Simply put, they produce more heat (energy) than they use in electricity (energy).

More and more people are looking to us to help them reduce their energy bills!
Our team is scheduled to install 40 air source heat pumps, over the next couple of months, to help our valued customers reduce their running costs by up to 80%!
Our A rated models will work at temperatures lower than freezing point and will still produce cost effective heat output, equivalent to nearly 3.2 times, the energy in put… delivering energy reductions and huge cost savings all year round!
The move to a heat pump is a sensible one… even if you are lucky enough to still be on a fixed tariff!
To find out how we will slash your energy bills… call us now on 01302 831006  for your Tailored Quote!!
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Prices are depended on a number on varying factors! please contact the showroom for a exact quote for your specific needs!