Turbine Swim Spas

May 30, 2019 / Chris Fryer

Using a swim spa is a fantastic way to keep fit. The idea is you swim against a current of water generated by a number of pumps and fed through adjustable jets. This gives a great experience and is suitable for people learning to swim and those who enjoy casual swimming. However if you take your swimming more seriously and need a Swim Spa for training purposes then a Turbine model is what you need.

The Turbine swim spa uses a single, powerful pump which pushes a large volume of water through a grill. This offers a number of benefits. 1. The flow can be adjusted variably to suit your ability. 2. The flow of water is less turbulent. 3. Due to the extra power of the water flow it is more suitable for a number of different swimming strokes.

Here at Hydro Active Spas we sell a large range of Swim Spas, including Dual temperature and Two Turbine versions.  Start your journey now to become a fitter, healthier you.