Ranch Grill


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Is the Ranch Grill for you?

Take the comforts of your indoor kitchen outdoors, and create a spectacular feast for your family and friends.Enjoy your outdoor kitchen BBQ for years to come, thanks to this premium stainless-steel body and double skin lid. it allows you to connect your outdoor hose pipe and enjoy running water on demand.

  • It’s a full kitchen in your garden!
  • With everything you need to prepare, cook and wash up
  • Features a sink, chopping board and plenty of storage
  • Split cooking area lets you grill and sear food
  • Sizzle food up to 430C on this propane gas BBQ
  • A handy side burner is perfect for frying up sides
  • Assembly required, be ready to grill in around 2 hours
  • Cooking Area: 66 x 46.5 cm