5 People
2210 × 2210 × 920 mm
340 kg
75 Jets
32 AMP

Quebec (575)



Product add-ons

Is the Quebec (575) for you?

The O575 Elite hot tub comes with 2 loungers and 3 seats, perfect for a family. This particular model is extremely powerful thanks to its 3 water massage pumps of 4HP each, accompanied by an air pump of 1HP.

Its 75 jets offer a variety of massages through their different formations, and lovers of toning massages will find value in the volcano jet which which allows for treatment of a specific area. The O575 Elite also includes a deflecting valve which allows you to precisely control the direction and power of the jet.

  • 4 colour options
  • 2 Side panel colour options
  • 75 jets with an array of jet formations
  • 4 pumps (3 water/1 air)
  • Illuminated controllers
  • Illuminated waterfallS
  • Volcano Jet
  • BeWell touch control panel
  • BeWell sound with subwoofer